Your HVAC system plays an important role in providing you with comfort in your residence. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that having to contend with a malfunctioning unit can be of utmost inconvenience as well as frustration. Nevertheless, it should be noted that as complex as your HVAC system it, it will not stop working overnight. Generally, there will be some signs and symptoms of underlying problems before it completely breaks down. Spotting these symptoms in due time would enable you to seek chiller repairs before the problems escalate. So how do you know if your chiller is signaling you about impending repairs?

There are unusual smells and noises emanating from the chiller

Typically, different HVAC units will have their own individual noises when they are operating. They may also have their own subtle smell depending on what types of cleaners you use on it. However, the noise and smell should not be excessively obtrusive. If you start to hear an array of sounds such as clicking, whirring or wheezing, it could mean that your chiller is beginning to experience problems in sustaining its functionality. When it comes to smell, you should look out for any whiffs of smoke or carbon. A professional HVAC contractor should immediately address these smells, as they could be an indication of electrical fires within your chiller.

The chiller is heating and cooling your residence unevenly

When using your HVAC system, you should be receiving heating or cooling uniformly around the designated areas. In addition to this, the chiller should stay operational for the amount of time that you have programmed into the unit. If you begin to notice that the temperate air is not to the degree you desire, chances are your chiller has started to experience some malfunctioning. It may start off as a slight change in the heating and cooling but the sooner it is addressed, the higher the chances you will not have to contend with drastic changes in temperature. Secondly, if you find that your chiller keeps switching off on its own, chances are there is a problem with energy consumption. Either the HVAC system is overworking itself leading to it automatically shutting down, or perhaps it is not receiving sufficient energy to keep it powered on.

The chiller is leaking

Any signs of moisture in close proximity to your HVAC system would indicate the onset of a leak. Leaks can occur because of two main reasons. Firstly, you could be dealing with a blocked condensation drain. Secondly, the chiller could be leaking refrigerant fluid. In both scenarios, it would be prudent to hire an HVAC contractor, someone like Maximus Chillers, to diagnose and remedy the leak.